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I was near tears. Today was the anniversary of my grandma’s death. She was the closest to me out of everyone. She was the light in my world, and now that she was gone, I felt empty inside.

Breathe, (F/n). Breathe. It will be over soon.

I clutched the bouquet of pink carnations, in my fist, as I walked to the cemetery along the sidewalk with my walking stick that had a steam punk gun handle, and my tote with a steam punk crow on it, black mascara running down my face from me crying on my way here. It was a warm, full moon autumn night; I had just come from my job as an art appraiser of Gothic and Victorian jewelry at Tiffany’s Auction House.

I stopped short of the closed iron gates that lead into the cemetery.

I looked down at myself.

I was no longer the bright angel Grandma knew and loved. I went Goth after she died.

I wore my favorite pleather and lace boots with the witch heel, my spider web pantyhose, black mini skirt, and my satin shirt with the lace sleeves and scoop neckline. My Steampunk top hat with the large black feather sat a top my head with my hair done up in a bun.

I took a deep breath and opened the gates. I walked past the misty graves to my family mausoleum. I shivered.

This place gave me goose bumps at night. The cemetery came straight out of a Hollywood film set for a classic horror flick. Mist, thicker than soup, everywhere you looked. Mossy willow trees covering the entire cemetery, left to right. Mausoleums scattered throughout the cemetery, decaying in the moon light. It was deathly quiet.

I shook my head. Now I was just scaring myself. Daddy always said ‘The dead can’t hurt you. Only the living.’ And I believed that with all my heart. But there were those incidences and times where I questioned my belief in that phrase. And right now, it was one of those times. It felt like I was being watched.

Hades wandered through the cemetery. His blond hair swaying in the breeze, and his violet eyes wandering over the landscape. His almost completely black ensemble made him almost invisible in the night scene. He closed his eyes and smiled. Oh how he loved this time of night, everything so peaceful and…Hold up…was that crying?

Hades stopped and looked for the source. He soon found it. It was a (h/c) haired girl, completely dressed in black, with a cane, holding onto a bouquet of pink flowers. She was crying. But what for? He had never seen her before. But then again he didn’t get out of the Underworld much. She was walking toward the part with the mausoleums. He silently walked after her, making sure he made no sound. He was going to find out who she was and why she was crying. Usually, he could care less about mortal sufferings, but for some strange reason she was different.

I soon saw the Greek looking mausoleum, with: (LAST NAME) engraved on the top it. I fast walked up the steps and made it to the door.

I pulled open the door, which opened with an eerie creak straight from the silver screen. I shivered.

Damn. If I didn’t know better I would swear that this was going to turn into either a Friday the 13th or Halloween installment.

Get a grip, (F/N). No time to chicken out.

I kicked down the kick stand on the door. That door was lead-lined in the forties, and was heavy as hell. I was SO not saying down there if the door slammed shut. I pulled out my Zippo with a picture of Edgar Allen Poe engraved on it and walked down the stairs, lighting candles in their holders lining the stair case on either side, my way down. My heels clicking against the cobbled stone steps as I entered the chamber that housed seven generations of my family.

Hades watched as the girl entered the mausoleum. So she was a (last name), eh? Well Miss (last name), prepare to meet the God of the Underworld. He quickly checked his appearance. Yep! No Greek robes in sight.

He cautiously entered behind her, making sure that he made no sound as he entered behind her. Candles lighting his way as he went ever deeper. He felt kind of at home here. In a macabre sort of way. He finally made it to the base of the steps.

His jaw dropped.

This place was HUGE!

As big as a cathedral if not bigger. He silently moved across the stone paved floor, looking for the girl. He soon found her at one of the tombs. It was a square structure, with stone roses carved along the base. On the top was engraved the name of the deceased, date of birth and death, and the cause of death beneath that, along with the picture of the dead on the lid as well. The girl was kneeling over one side of the tomb with her arms folded on top of the lid and her head resting on her arms, sobbing. The bouquet lying a few inches from her head. Her cane and bag lying side by side on the floor next to her kneeling figure. He took a deep breath.

Go get them slugger.

He walked over to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder.

“M-M-miss? A-are you a-alright?” a man’s voice asked as I was tapped on the shoulder.

I looked down, only to me met with a pair of black leather pirate boots that laced up in the back. My gaze traveled up his black pant leg, to his black brocaded pirate like coat with red lining, which was opened at the front to reveal a white collared shirt with a black vest. My tear streaked, (e/c) eyed gaze soon met the pair of breath taking amethyst violet eyes belonging to this tall, blond haired figure.

I sniffled.

“Y-Yeah. I-I-I’m fine, thank you.”

He crouched down beside me.

“I-If you were alright t-then you w-wouldn’t be crying. So, w-why are you?”

I wiped my eyes with the handkerchief I had clenched in my hand.

“T-today’s the a-an-anniversary o-of m-my gr-grandma’s d-death.” I said breaking into tears again, burying my face in my hands.

The stranger patted me on the back as if to comfort me. I sniffled.

“Thanks,” I said in a shaky voice. “God, I would give anything to have her back.”

He winced. That DEFINITELY wasn’t a good idea.

“A-are you sure a-about that?” he asked quietly. “I-I mean why put that s-soul through the torment of b-being trapped between t-two worlds for all eternity. That and no one w-was meant live forever.”

Well…ALMOST, no one. Who was he to talk? He was the God of the Dead. He practically lived amongst the dead every day.

I sniffled. “Yeah, guess you’re right. And besides where would we be if nobody ever died.”

Our conversation continued on like that. Moving on to music, authors, and books to family (including my lack thereof) and everything in between. Turns out, we had a lot in common.

All of the sudden the church clock struck midnight and the bells echoed throughout the cemetery.

“Oh! Is it that late already? I guess we lost track of time.” I said. I never meant to stay out this late. But being with him was worth it. Besides it was a FRIDAY, so I really didn’t have to go into work tomorrow.

“Yeah. I-I guess we did.” He said, standing up, and helping me up off the floor as well.

I placed the flowers in the bronze vase attached to the tomb, and picked up my things.

We quickly blew out the candles and walked back up the stairs, shutting the door behind us.

I turned to face him.

“So, are you going home too or what?”

“N-No.” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets, “I-I’m just going to w-walk around the cemetery s-some more before I go home.”

“Oh ok then!” I said with a smile. “So, will I be seeing you around?”

“Oh, definitely.” He smirked. This girl was fascinating. He would definitely was going to see her again soon.

I turned. “Well see you around then.” I called behind me, walking back towards the entrance to the cemetery.

Hades watched as the girl walked back to the entrance.

Wow she was beautiful. Too bad the next time they crossed paths she’d probably be dead.

He turned and continued his walked through the cemetery.

All of the sudden there was a blood curdling scream. Hades stiffened. It came from the entrance. THE GIRL!

He turned and sprinted back in the direction of the entrance. He suddenly froze where he stood. His blood boiling in his veins.

A trio of thugs had knocked the girl out and was holding her at knife point.

“L-LET HER GO!” Hades barked. The trio froze in what they saw: a man with glowing purple eyes, glaring right at them.

The ringleader spoke up. “Get lost dude. We got business, with this b***h. So why don’t you just go home, freak!”

Hades grinned darkly. “Sir, you have no idea who you just told off.”

His eyes blacked out, and he began pulsate a black aura around him. The wind began to blow as slowly he raised his arms. The ground started to shake, and the thugs screamed like little Justin Bieber fan girls ((A/N: Yep I totally went there)) and ran away faster than if some girl screamed ‘IT’S ONE DIRECTION!!!’  

Hades ran to the girl’s side and checked her pulse. It was fine.

He breathed a sigh of relief. She would be alright, but he couldn’t just leave her out here in the middle of a cemetery. He picked her up bridal style, opening up a portal to the Underworld. He sighed.

Persephone was going to flip. But it was either leave her here unconscious and unable to defend herself, or take her home. And he’d choose the latter any day.

*Time Skip*
He laid her down on the bed in one of the guest bedrooms.

It had been a long time since he had anyone living down here. He was always so lonely down here.

Now, let’s find out more about you miss.

He turned to her bag on the chair next to her bed, and opened it.

Lighter with Poe on it. ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe. Black lipstick. Pocket watch. Make up kit. Ah! Here we go! Her wallet.

He opened it up and found her driver’s license. (Your black Caddy was in the shop for a new suspension)

(Full name) Age: 21

He looked at the girl, as he replaced the wallet where he found it. (F/n) (L/n), Eh?

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

A bell chimed. Hades growled.

Damn. What the hell was someone doing here at this time of night, unannounced?

He straightened and walked to the door.

He stopped in the door frame and looked back at the sleeping girl on the bed.

He’d have Cerberus guard the door and bring her to him when she awakened.

Sweet dreams, my dear sweet, (F/n).

I woke up in a king sized, medieval looking, four poster bed, with a plush black comforter set.

This wasn’t the cemetery… I was jumped. And then it all went black.

I looked around.

Either some Good Samaritan dropped me off at some Gothic, Adam’s-Family-themed Holiday Inn, or I’m in someone else’s home, hopefully one not belonging to a serial killer or rapist.

After seeing my bag and cane propped up on a nearby chair, I opened my bag. I grabbed my pocket watch with a Raven, on it along with quotes from Poe’s famous poem ‘The Raven’. I checked the time.

It was three A.M.

I’ve been out for three hours? I know I was jumped around midnight. And where exactly-

The door opened. And in walked the cutest Damn thing I had ever seen.


It walked in and sat down like a dog.

“Who.” Said one head.

“Are.” Said the middle one.

“You?” Said the third.

I ran over and hugged him.

“AAAAAWWWW! SO CCCCUUUUTTTE!” I squealed swinging the bear from side to side.

When I stopped and set him back down he asked his question over again.

“My name is (F/n), yours?”

“Cer. Ber. Us.” He replied back in the same manner.

Cerberus? The three headed dog from Greek mythology? That’s a little cheesy, don’t you think?

He turned and headed for the door. He stopped and turned back toward me.

“Follow. Me. Please.” He said and headed out the door. I grabbed my pocket watch and followed him.

As we walked down the corridors that could have given a medieval castle a run for its money. My mind shifted to that man I met last night at the cemetery. Who was he? I should have caught his name before I left.

We stopped in front of a HUGE set of oak doors. We heard a muffled argument. We opened the door and peaked in.

It opened up into a circular throne room looking place. It had terraced steps leading into a catwalk with columns surrounding the room. Directly opposite from the door that I had entered where two huge thrones, one taller and more ornate than the other one, set into the steps leading down. A woman in a black toga with a white bow in her platinum blonde hair ((A/N: Guess Who? ~)) was sitting on the smaller throne. The man I met last night was fighting with her.

I snuck in and hid behind a pillar, from there I could easily make out their conversation.

“You’ve got to tell her! I fully support it! Finding one is a rare chance! And I’ve got Adonis, you finally deserve one too!”

“A-And do what? T-take away h-h-her life that she has up there and force h-her to live down here? I-I don’t want to take her life away.” He countered as he shook his head. “I’m going to the rink.” he said as he marched through a set of doors. She got up, looked directly at me peaking behind one of the pillars and walked over to me.

“So, you’re the young woman, he brought home. I know you heard that last bit of our conversation, but don’t worry I’ll explain everything.” She said, her dark blue eyes studying me as she talked. “My name is Persephone. You must be wondering where you are. Come to my sitting room with me, I would like to talk to you. I rarely have company.”

I mentally gulped. Usually whenever someone says they ‘rarely have company’ it’s usually a red flag, and then later on they turn out to be a psycho and end up killing you. If this chick had a strange fetish for her mom I was SO out of here.

*Time Skip*

I sat in a parlor talked to Persephone. Turns out, she’s THE Persephone!


I doubted it at first, but when her eyes turned indigo and she conjured up a knife out of mid-air and said if I ever went near her Russian Adonis she’d kill me …I believed her.

We actually had a good time, and by the time we got to the topic of ‘Who, in the name of black Jesus, brought me here?’ you could consider us good friends.

“So, who brought me here?”

I had no doubt in my mind, I was in the Underworld. But who saved me from my assailants in the cemetery? Persephone couldn’t have. She can’t leave the Underworld for half the year. And with it being autumn she was bound here until spring.

“My husband did, Hades. He said he met you in the cemetery and brought you here when he found you unconscious.”

I blinked. That was not only the frankest answer ever given, but completely unbelievable. That man I met in the cemetery, was the GOD OF THE DEAD?!?!?!?!?!?!

No way! He was way too nice! He could never be the God of the Dead…Could he?

“Listen, I would like you to stay with Hades down here in the Underworld.”

“What? Why?”

My parents died in a car crash when I was five. I had been living with my grandma until she died. I really had nothing after she died.

No family, not a whole lot of friends.

No one that would really miss me. But still.

“You and Hades are bonded.”


“To be bonded is to be forever bound to each other. In other words, you and Hades are destined to be together.”

“And not be rude but you are asking me to be with your husband? Pardon me, but isn’t that another way to say you want me to be your husband’s mistress!?!”

She shrugged. “In a nut shell. It is very rare to find a bond mate. Hades is so lonely down here, as well as I am. We never get anyone down here. And when I’m gone during the spring and summer, he’s all alone. He always has, at one point or another, been alone.”

She placed a hand on mine. “I beg of you. As a friend and Queen of the Underworld, please do not leave Hades down here all by himself. He really deserves a companion.”

I sighed.

I wasn’t going to be able to turn down her request. If I did turn her down, I would probably end up being a plant.

“Ok. I’ll stay. Where’s Hades at?”

“He’s probably in the garden by now. You should go find him. Also take this.”

She held out a ruby red apple.

I raised an eyebrow. Last time I checked, I wasn’t Snow White. So why the hell is she giving me an apple?

“Prove to him that you will stay! Eat the apple in front of him. Anything eaten down in the Underworld will keep you down here forever! Please take it!”

I took it from her and put it in my bag. She then gave me instructions on where the garden is. I thanked her and dashed off.

I was intent on not letting Hades be alone any more. No matter what!

Hades sat in the gazebo which over looked the five rivers of the Underworld. He had no idea on what to do. He had to do something.

He was angry. Angry at those thugs for harming (f/n) and angry that she may have to give up her life in the human realm because of him!

His eyes blacked out and the Earth began to shake. He was in one of those moods he always got in when the Toronto Maple leafs, lost Game 7 for the Stanley Cup. The ‘I feel like raising hell and bring about a zombie apocalypse’ type moods.

“HADES!” He turned and saw (f/n) running toward him.

What the-

She tackled him to the ground. Her lying on top of him in a hug. He blushed. What was going on?

“Persephone explained everything to me.”

He sighed. He could see where this was heading.

“Y-You don’t have to s-stay. I-I don’t w-want you to give up a-all you have ju-”

“I have nothing. You are the one thing I couldn’t live without.” I interrupted. I hated him putting himself down. And I was determined not to leave him alone.

“I know mythology, and you are always alone down here. I don’t want you to be alone anymore.”

He was in tears now. Never before had he ever had someone who WILLINGLY wanted to stay with him. Even Persephone was forced by him to stay down here. Only over time did she grow to love him. So for him this was as welcoming first.


“Yes Hades,” I said reaching into my bag and taking out the apple. “With all my heart.”

He smiled as I took a huge bite out of the apple and ate it.

I swallowed, smiling at him.

“Guess you won’t be getting rid of me any time soon, eh?”

“No I guess I won’t,” He said pulling me into another hug. “Not that I was intending on it anyway. ~”

Special thanks to :iconyamiyuki1: for their help on this and their support!

I don't own Hetalia
I DO own the plot
and YOU belong to :iconsexycanada2plz:
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